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From acquisition, to retention, and every step in between, Farlinium's analytics solutions and expert consultants help your Customer Experience program reach new heights.

Our Services

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Strategic & Advisory Services

We provide strategic consulting in CX and VOC, helping businesses improve their customer experience through services like CX North Star Vision and CX Capability Maturity Assessment. 

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Delivery and Implementation

Our team of experts can help you implement the Qualtrics platform in a way that meets your unique business needs, including  design, configuration, integration, dashboard and insight generation.

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Managed Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of managed services that cover the entire lifecycle of your Qualtrics solution. Our services include support, maintenance, training, and ongoing optimization.

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Custom Solution Development

Our team can develop custom solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs. We can build custom integrations, dashboards, & reports that help you get the most out of the Qualtrics platform.

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Our free, weekly resources email delivers CX tips, tricks, and news right to you. It is 100% focused on resources, because, by sharing knowledge with each other, we make the whole CX world better. So, subscribe today. 

silent feedback channels

Today, we stand at a crucial juncture in CX, where understanding customer sentiment requires much more than just direct feedback. Delivering exceptional customer experiences today and in the future requires listening to the customers where they are naturally providing feedback.  

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