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Nail the Basics, Anticipate Change. 

Your customers demand a personalized and proactive healthcare relationship that supports their health goals. However, navigating the world of healthcare is challenging and creates many potential pitfalls for your customers. 

To avoid those pitfalls, you must develop a robust understanding of your customer experience to guide operational decisions and overarching company strategy. Building off experience from implementing omni-channel listening and analysis for fortune ten health insurance providers, our healthcare solutions will help you center the customer experience in your business.

Acquisition & Retention

  • Understand how customers navigate the difficult and intimidating healthcare system.

  • Tune your listening posts to identify what steps in your customer journey cause the most friction and track top experience improvements.​

  • ​Take your journey analytics to the next level by incorporating retention at each step, pinpointing where and why customers churn.



  • Expand your capacity to trace the online experience from website access and use, to channel switching, to customer complaints by unifying disparate feedback sources. ​​

  • Leverage the voice of your customer to identify what website actions drive low task completion and channel switching as your customers work to navigate a complex healthcare world.​​

  • As healthcare customers expect more, unveil the missing features and functionality your customers wish they had on your website to broaden and enhance your relationship with your customers.



  • Identify the top customer pain points when interacting with your customer services channels. This understanding will help identify process and tools to make difficult experiences easier for patients. ​

  • Outline training opportunities for your agents and technology enhancements aimed to increase you issue resolution rates and decrease the need for repeat calls from customers.​

  • Track the impact of initiatives or emerging trends in the very changing world of healthcare.

Complaint Management

  • Manage risk by automatically flagging customer’s discussing topics and experiences that have legal or regulatory repercussions.


  • Pinpoint high attrition areas by analyzing the trends and details of key customer complaints.

  • Distinguish between process issues and customer education opportunities as your customers outline the most difficult parts of their relationship with you.

Take the Leap

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Your customers are talking to you...

The feedback data you're already collecting can help your healthcare organization increase revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

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