Feedback Analytics that drive understanding and generate revenue.

Effortless customer experience, stellar product reviews, and efficient support are what elevates a retail or eCommerce brand - but to achieve these goals, you must first understand how your customers perceive you, what they want, and whether the customer journey is living up to your brand’s promise.


That’s where our NLP CX Solution comes in. 

Product Quality

  • Improve your merchandise by identifying themes in product reviews.

  • Reveal gaps in selection and the most-requested new items.

  • Monitor product freshness and quality through customer feedback.

Digital Experience

  • Increase conversion by finding and addressing customer pain points and site issues.

  • Monitoring feedback for search, check-out flow, and order tracking to identify experience improvements.

  • Optimize your customer help center to provide easy answers and reduce calls and chats.

Customer Service

  • Increase chat agent efficiency and identify outliers with text analytics.

  • Identify and address trends in incident and ticketing system data.

  • Reduce customer contacts while maintaining stellar customer service.

Competitive Analysis

  • Create a competitive advantage by examining how customers mention your brand vs. competitors.

  • Identify where you have an edge and what you can learn from the competition.


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the retail landscape and the effects will be long-lasting. Customers want to ensure safety while shopping in store and guaranteed accuracy when ordering online. 

Customers are also watching how companies are acting during this challenging time. Understanding and listening to your customers across all touch-points is ever more critical to ensure business stability in the post-COVID world. 

Your customers are talking to you...

The feedback data you're already collecting can help your organization increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer & employee satisfaction, and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Internal Feedback (VoE)


Social Media

Chats & Bots


Product Reviews

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