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We are experts in CX and Data Analytics.

We're here to help you understand your customers, elevate the customer journey, and set your organization apart.

Farlinium provides software solutions, managed services, and consulting to a wide range of organizations. Our core competency is big data and text analytics in the Customer Experience (CX) and Business Intelligence (BI) spaces. 

We strive to be trusted partners and advisors to our clients. Our approach combines deep subject-matter expertise with a highly collaborative approach to drive transformative results.


Our approach is based on defining and delivering value. Across our services and solutions, you will find a common theme of bringing analytics expertise to data with the ultimate purpose of increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction, or revenue (and sometimes all three).

We love being immersed in cutting edge technology and algorithms – that said, our results-oriented approach means we are technology and platform-agnostic. We work with the best tools for the task at hand and aim to maximize business value.

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Trusted Partners

We want to be a partner to you and help your organization grow. Our solutions and services prioritize rapid time-to-value, but our approach toward client engagement focuses on building trust and developing robust, mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


In all cases, our first priority is client engagement and satisfaction. We model our offerings around your requirements and metrics, and aim for seamless and continuous improvement.

Analytics Experts

Our team brings together decades of experience working on analytics and CX management initiatives with organizations of all sizes, across a wide range of verticals.


Partnering with us gives you access to this vast pool of expertise across many areas, from implementing feedback analytics for chat-bots, to identifying trends in flight traffic and beyond.


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