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Unlock new opportunities from your interaction data.

Today’s consumers require interactions with any organization to be quick and effortless.  When those experiences fail to meet expectations, it will surface in your customers’ feedback. From first impression to closing the loop there is a wealth of information available in calls, chats, surveys, and other customer feedback sources. 


Without the right technology, resources, and cross-functional analysis, it can be a struggle to bring customer feedback together. With our text-analysis solutions partner, our approach provides a holistic cross-channel view into your customer feedback.

Contact Center Optimization

  • Eliminate manual call dispositioning and understand even more of the conversation while saving seconds on each interaction.

  • Identify opportunities for contact deflection and reduction by rerouting low touch contacts to lower cost channels and improving the effectiveness of virtual assistants via chat or Interactive Voice Response.

  • Understand what is preventing first contact resolution and driving multiple contacts to improve customer experience and reduce contact center demand.

Quality Monitoring & Training

  • Reduce the need for sampling in Quality Assurance and analyze more of your calls and chats to derive coaching opportunities and identify training gaps.

  • Analyze the use of soft skills to measure decorum on the interaction to create a customer-centric contact center experience.


  • Improve training & coaching efficiency with targeted, real-time insights segmented by new hires, teams, managers, off-shore, and on-shore centers.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

  • Avoid legal penalties & fines through the monitoring of care center procedures and practices to ensure compliance.

  • Monitor customer complaints across channels to address sensitive issues to determine root cause, alleviate escalation, and close the loop.

  • Analyze compliance adherence in the contact center down to the representative to provide targeted training and monitor improvement over time.

Self-Service & Digital Experience

  • Analyze short, easy to resolve, customer conversations to find opportunity for self-service prioritization via web, app, and Interactive Voice Response.

  • Identify and trend errors in current self-service capabilities that result in channel switching to improve experience and better anticipate customer contacts.

  • What’s more, connect site and survey feedback with calls and chats to see the impact of self-service failures and errors across channels.

Make the Next Move

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Your customers are talking to you...

The feedback data you're already collecting can help your organization increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate fraud, improve customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty.


Internal Feedback (VoE)

Email Records

Chats & Bots

Call Transcripts

Email Records


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See what we have to offer in action. 

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