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Analyzing Graphs

Modern Analytics,

Fast. Flexible. Scalable.

Leverage the power of serverless analytics on the AWS cloud to solve your most pressing business challenges. Shorten time to value with Farlinium's integrated solutions and business templates.

Driving Differentiating Transformations

Qrvey's best-in-class analytics platform enables organizations to align disparate sources of data to provide one unified picture of business operations in real-time. Farlinium's Business Intelligence, Big Data, and embedding expertise allows us to drive value with rapid and sensible implementation of the software with an eye toward ROI.


Certified & Preferred Partner

Qrvey is the analytics platform software and SaaS providers rely upon to add next-generation capabilities into their products, creating a differentiated experience for their customers and users. Their mission is to help product leaders delight their customers and users with best-in-class embedded analytics.

"With decades of BI and consulting experience, Farlinium has the knowledge to maximize the value of your investment with the Qrvey platform. Their AWS and embedded analytics expertise helps organizations use Qrvey to get to fast, flexible, and scalable analytics in record time, adding valuable capabilities and driving ROI."


Arman Eshraghi

Founder & CEO


Modern Structure
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Give your users best-in-class analytics

Modern Analytics on the Cloud

  • AWS native analytics architecture for your entire data pipeline. Identify and anticipate trends by leveraging live data feeds and analytics.

  • Serverless solution for all of your analytics needs. From data collection and transformation, to visualization, automation and even machine learning capabilities.

  • Fast, flexible, and scalable embedded analytics solution.

Decision making

  • Give your users the precise data they need, when they need it, using custom drill-down rules on your charts and dashboards.

  • Fully interactive reports with data security built in so that your users can conveniently share insights.

  • Use unique and custom rules to create or update data within your own dataset as it comes in.

Automate &

Take Action

  • Actionable analytics that allow your users to create thresholds that when met, automatically trigger notifications and actions.​

  • Intuitive workflow builder allows even non-technical users to automate tasks. Moreover, they can swiftly incorporate conditional rules or even ML models (built in AWS) into their applications.

  • Integrate your pipeline into a single platform. Collect, analyze, and apply your data to develop insights and improve your business.

Embed & Scale

  • Go to market faster. Leverage full featured analytic solutions and embed them in a matter of days.

  • Using a microservices-based framework, our solution automatically scales as your data and analytics needs expand.

  • Seamless integration into your AWS environment means easy management for your DevOps teams

Request a Free Demo

Contact us to see a demo of Qrvey in action! 

Our expert consultants can meet with you to evaluate your use case and identify whether Qrvey is the right choice for your analytics needs.

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